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We Are On Bedenli Şeyler

sokakta hareket / Beliz Demircioğlu / Deniz Er / "BEDENLİ ŞEYLER" 28.bölüm


There is an invitation movement on the street. Episode 28 of "bedenli şeyler" is on air. The event started by the trainer and dancer Beliz Demircioğlu on the empty land in front of a viral picture in Moda during the pandemic period started to be heard. Anyone who wants to enter quietly every Tuesday at 18:30 the area, moves freely for 15 minutes and leaves quietly again at the end of the time. Dear Beliz wants this to spread everywhere, and the movement begins on the streets in other districts and cities. they provide information support to those who want to do this and add new events to the website. breaking news: the movement on the street is starting soon in Maçka and Antalya. Web site and Instagram account of Movement Street Jam:

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